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    • No need to feel that way, Ray. Not at all — your body of work, especially your latest landscapes from the air, is truly breathtaking. Such amazing control and grasp of timing of the sequences and of the right time of day, not to mention the appropriate framing that displays nature’s features to best advantage. And I haven’t even touched your adventures — on land, on sea, on air! Yours is a life so adventurously and fully and marvelously lived, and you’re still at it — learning and doing new things! A toast to living well and artfully!

      Thank you for reading, and it is an honour to have you visiting 🙂


  1. found your pictures of morning glory cottage and beach that i hope is directly in front? i rember mediteranian when i was 17 little town called plya diaro(sp?)that 40 years ago beautiful water and small gravel beachjust amazing! hope ur swimming warm enough? lucky lady to be able to persue arts etc. im heading to studio later today, will persur xmas presant projects. on north shore long island new york. not as pictureesque as your spain but not too bad either. that shrimp and tuna looked awesom. enjoy ur day All best Ted


  2. Hi Jeanne,

    My name is Stephanie and I am an anthropology student. I am presenting a project on the Hanunoo of the Philippines and was wondering if I could use your images of kaingin in my project! All credit or the images and proper citation would of course be used, and the images would go no farther than a video sent to my professor for showing in class.

    Please let me know!

    Stephanie Scott


    • Hello Stephanie,

      I assume you refer to the images from Batanes? It’s my pleasure to have you use them for your class project.

      Best of wishes on your presentation and your studies,



  3. Hello Jeanne, I am enjoying your writings, but don’t understand if you live in Bonn, what is your connection with Pla de Corrals, which I know and love well?


    • Hello Maureen,
      Apologies for this very late reply, as we’ve been waiting for Movistar to link us to the web since mid-April and only today got the router. I lived for one glorious month in lovely Pla de Corrals while waiting for our house purchase in Villalonga to come through. Do you live there?


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