Year of Grace, Day 29. 120 per cent

This morning I had my usual quarterly eye test, and wonder of wonders, my eyesight was given the unbelievable grade of 120%!  The tests included pressure, eye-hand coordination, and reading. All of which means that I don’t have to have my eyeglass prescription renewed – always a good thing. Thank heavens for that!

I walked back from the eye doctor’s as it’s a bright, sunny, and mild autumn day, for which brilliant weather I am extremely grateful. Sunny days are rare at this time of year, and it always makes me happy when the sun is out.

I decided to walk through a different route from what I normally take, and made some interesting discoveries along the way. For all of these delights that gladdened my eyes and my heart as I walked, I am grateful. I hope you like them too.


6 thoughts on “Year of Grace, Day 29. 120 per cent

  1. Glad to hear your eyesight had not deteriorated over the past year or so. My eyesight deteriorated every year progressively until it appeared to come to a standstill after my brain hemorrhage. Thank you for sharing those beautiful sites with us! Life is so full of trials and tribulations and small nasty things that we need to appreciate and enjoy what we can!


  2. You are absolutely right, Murasaki Shikibu! I hope you have fully recovered from what must have been a terrifying ordeal. Thanks always for reading and your lovely and welcome comments. Enjoy the day! 🙂


  3. Glad to hear that Germany enjoys a better climate at the moment, as here it has and will be raining for a week at least …..Our Cuban helper put the heater in the studio he was painting…..


    • Very interesting… I did post a reply to your comment yesterday, but it is n’t here today. I haven’t turned on the heating yet, as it continues to be mild. Long may it remain so 🙂 Keep warm, my dear, and don’t let the dreary English weather dampen your spirits 🙂 Bisous!


  4. I’ve had astigmatism all my life but didn’t realize it until high school and then I’d only wear glasses for reading. In college, I started wearing them all the time… to impersonate being an “intellectual.” lol!


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