Year of Grace, Day 39. Stone cottages and coconut crabs

Up to now I have been blessed by daily grace, in that writing my daily posts have come fairly smoothly. Today, somehow I lost the entire post, photos and all. Just one of those days where certain things can go wrong. I am still thankful about something: that I don’t have the flu after all. And that the symptoms that I had yesterday were most likely, as one friend said, just the normal transition of my body to a new season, a different weather pattern. I’ve tried to recover the file but failed.

I am sharing some photos of that post, which focuses on the Philippines’ most northerly islands — the Batanes. I shall try and recreate the post at some point, as it was during my visit there that I became truly and fully aware of that rarest of divine blessings — grace.

The Batanes Islands and the people who live there — the Ivatans — have an amazing culture, so radically different from that of the rest of the Philippines. And their cuisine is also surprisingly different — deliciously prepared from the most unexpected of ingredients — coconut crab, banana corms, dried taro stalks — partnered with rice dyed yellow with turmeric root, a locally grown spice.

Have a lovely day, my friends, and this teaches me a salient lesson, for which I am also thankful.

2 thoughts on “Year of Grace, Day 39. Stone cottages and coconut crabs

  1. I’m happy to hear you didn’t have a cold or flu after all! Thank you for sharing the lovely photographs. Seeing the thatched rooftops, I wondered if these people aren’t in some way related to the original inhabitants of the Japanese islands before the island was overrun by people from the continent (Mongolia, China, Korea). We had people living there prior to the invasion of the northern Asians and these weren’t just the Ainus and so I wonder! Do these people swim and dive in the sea? And do they sport tattoos?


    • They do indeed swim and dive — coral fishing at night is a popular preoccupation. No tattoos though. The Ivatans have a highly developed sense for neatness and cleanliness of their surroundings 🙂


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