Year of Grace, Day 59. Paradise lost

On a grey day like today – a typical autumn day in Bonn – I long to be by the sea. And not just any sea will do – the sea that will always be the sea in my mind is that just by my grandmother Lilang Pacia’s beach.

The place is no longer what it was when I was a child, and a major resort has been developed across the bay — a huge hotel complex owned by a politician.  The hotel and cabanas had been intended to create another Boracay, but apparently have not.  A paved street now runs through what was once white sand, cutting across my grandmother’s property.  Typical of my grandmother, she generously donated the land so that the street  could be built.  It would have been an equally generous gesture on the part of the town to have named the street after her, but they haven’t.  And in contravention of public hygiene (the sewage drains to the sea!), the town put up a public loo that blocks what would have been an unobstructed view of the sea.  Paradise lost….

Here are some reminders of that (once)  idyllic sea, and I am grateful that I have these photos to enjoy and despite what the place has become, it will always be — in my mind at least — the paradise of my childhood.


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