Year of Grace, Day 60. Glorious autumn sun

When the sun shines on the turning leaves and trunks in the back garden like it does today, it is magic. The blue, blue sky, with not a single cloud to mar its blueness, is a magnificent backdrop to this autumnal splendour, and the birds cannot get their fill of it. Neither can I. I am transfixed at this evolving show and I am reluctant to get on with chores – not very pleasant ones such as gathering the fallen leaves of the oak, now piling up in front. And it is not even our oak – but the oak just across the path. But I do not begrudge it its fallen leaves – it is such a handsome tree.

A magpie flew in and sat on the very top of the poplar; a wood pigeon perched atop a fir just beyond the birches; and once they had both flown away, a crow found a viewpoint on the very top of another fir. I am aware they are surveying everything for food or predators, but I would like to think that — like me — they are also enjoying just being – not doing anything with any purpose. Just sitting and looking.

It is enough just to gaze on this lovely scene. To be witness to all this beauty. To be alive on a day like this.

Just at this point, a kite – that splendid predator – flew over the garden. Passing breezes set the golden leaves of the birches and hazels dancing and fluttering — some sail gently to the ground. I’m entranced and play with some photos of the birches and a stalwart nasturtium flower I’ve just taken — tweaking them until they are abstracts of colour and form.

On this the 60th day of my gratitude journal, I give thanks in the form of a very ancient blessing – blessed are You, Creator of the Universe, for bringing us to life, for ensuring our existence, and for extending our lives to this day.






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