Year of Grace, Day 61. Kottenforst via Melbtal

Yesterday was the third consecutively sunny day in Bonn in weeks – such a blessing – and a rare one at that — at this time of year, often rainy and dreary grey! A foray through Kottenforst, the nearby forest, passing through Melbtal was definitely in order.  A larch – that rare deciduous conifer — with its reddening leaves soon to turn yellow, was brilliant in the sun. I was blessed to uncover several fungi – beige, brown, and white – emerging from their thick camouflage of fallen leaves. Had they been certifiably edible, it would have been possible to make a regal feast out of them – they were enormous and succulent. However, since they were growing by the path and most likely fertilized by passing horses, not to mention dogs and other livestock, it was probably best not to consider them for the table.

Leaves are still on the trees and with the low autumn sun behind them, they were splendid! A walk through Kottenforst and Melbtal – at any season – never disappoints, and on a glorious autumn day like yesterday, a leisurely stroll through truly lifts the spirits.

For mild autumn days and invigorating sights, for the sounds of a woodpecker and birdsong in the woods, to walk through a colourful layer of fallen leaves and revel in their crisp crunchiness underfoot, to discover varied fungi – the crowning glory of every forest walk – I am overjoyed and deeply grateful.

Today began dark and dreary, but the sky is gradually turning a pale blue and the sun is shyly peeking in. A crow — perhaps the same one I’ve been seeing daily — is back on its perch on the Douglas fir; it might have a nest somewhere inside there. The birch has lost most of its golden leaves, but its bare branches form a lovely filigree against the sky and several birds — difficult to identify from this distance — made it a stopover point. A wren and a black tit are foraging among the rain-drenched needles of the yew. A kite, once again in search of prey, circles overhead, but the birds on the birch have gone and taken shelter elsewhere. In the diffused light of today’s cloudy sky, the Kerria’s yellow leaves and the contorted hazel’s orange ones seem to glow. I am blessed with these sights as I write and look out onto the back garden. Thank You!

2 thoughts on “Year of Grace, Day 61. Kottenforst via Melbtal

    • You’re welcome, Murasaki Shikibu, and thank you too for dropping by. Indeed Bonn is wonderfully green and surrounded by lovely forests — and there’s the Rhine as well!


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