Year of Grace, Day 89. Rewards for early birds

Rising early this morning, I was rewarded with an ephemeral surprise. No sooner had I taken two photos – one of the northwest sky and another of the southeast, both with marvellous peach and salmon clouds – than all turned dull and grey.  It took less than 5 minutes for the brilliant sunrise to be extinguished.  And soon after, snow fell and that was that.

Southeastern sky

Southeastern sky

I was fortunate to have witnessed it at all. Five more minutes of a sleep-in, and I would’ve woken to snow. I feel very thankful and, as well, rather pleased with myself for having had a momentary glimpse of today’s superb sunrise.

It is indeed the early bird that gets the worm, as they say. But if I were a worm, perhaps I would rather be a late riser and not get eaten by the early bird :-). However a worm shouldn’t rise too late either.  It has to judiciously time its rising.  From my observation of the birds that come to feed in my back garden, there is a certain schedule that they follow. They come and breakfast (depending on species) between 7 and 9. Then the odd nosher may come for “elevenses,” but most come by between 12 and 2 pm.  A few will come for “tea” (ha ha!) starting around 3 pm, with a few late merienda (Tagalog for “snack”) eaters flying by until 5 pm.  The birds rarely come for dinner :-).

Today’s snow didn’t last long, and whatever fell has now melted.



2 thoughts on “Year of Grace, Day 89. Rewards for early birds

  1. I thought I had left a comment but since it seems to have disappeared, let me try again. First of all, thank you for the beautiful shot of the sunrise! I hope your weekend was pleasant and this upcoming week will be a good one for you.


    • Thanks as ever, Murasaki Shikibu, for dropping by and I’m glad you liked the sunrise. It’s such a rare event these days when almost every morning we get snow — often just flurries, so it’s not too bad.


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