Year of Grace, Day 99. Sure signs of spring

Today I came upon the first open crocus in the front garden. What a wonderful surprise! And close by, the hellebores must have been blooming for some time, quite unnoticed, as they are hidden from view by overhanging bushes.

This year's first crocus

This year’s first crocus



Tulips are also starting into growth – the reddish tips of their leaves are out, and one of the hydrangeas – the one I’ve placed facing east —  has pale green crowns emerging from its base. Fat buds of new leaves are beginning to clothe  its bare branches. The rose bushes are also showing a flush of fresh growth, shiny and red-tipped against the dull green of last year’s stems. They will be needing pruning very soon.

In the back garden, the snowdrops are up —  thick clumps of their blue-green spikes are everywhere on the lawn, and a few buds have  slivers of white. They’re just biding their time – perhaps tomorrow I may see some in bloom.

It might still be winter to me, but to the plants in the garden, spring is just waiting in the wings. On this 99th day of my gratitude journal, I am much heartened and so grateful indeed to see these sure and unmistakeable signs of spring.



2 thoughts on “Year of Grace, Day 99. Sure signs of spring

  1. In areas where you have 4 seasons, spring is always a joy in terms of being able to witness the rebirth of many things. Unfortunately in my area, winter never comes, so spring is just something that comes before and after summer. 🙂


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