Year of Grace, Day 113. A Mediterranean spring

The full glory of spring in the Mediterranean – with red poppies and all sorts of wildflowers sprinkling the earth — is still to come, but right now, the almond trees are in full blossom, and it is already more than marvelous. The bright yellow mimosa blossoms are out too. And underneath, sweet alyssum, with their honey scent, provide a perfumed carpet. Several clumps of asphodel are blooming too. It is truly a wonderful awakening for the earth from its winter sleep. To be here to witness and enjoy nature’s awakening – I am truly grateful. Someone once said that our purpose on this earth is to praise and to wonder. On this day, I cannot help being full of wonder and praise.

Almond branch cropped vg


2 thoughts on “Year of Grace, Day 113. A Mediterranean spring

  1. In the southern areas, any empty lot will be full of wild blossoms after a heavy rain. I am a bit sad that they have turned one of those empty lots into a rather ugly park with palm trees that aren’t native to this area. Ah, well. Enjoy your time in Catalonia!


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