Year of Grace, Day 144. What’s in a good day?

What indeed constitutes a good day? Every day is different of course. And each day brings its own welcome blessings and grace, and its share of unwelcome things as well. And a good day for me is when the good things outshadow the not-so-good things. Or better still, when there are no unlovely surprises to mar the absolute perfection of a good day.

Yesterday was one such thoroughly good day. First of all, it was sunny, and that in itself already sets the tone for a splendid day. An early walk into the Kottenforst with my friend and her dog, and it was lovely to behold the new spring leaves among the forest’s dark trunks, while we caught up with the week’s happenings. The refreshing colour of young leaves in seemingly never-ending successive tiers was such a delight. And even Yoshi the dog bounded about, excitedly sniffing this and that plant shooting from the ground.

Fresh new leaves in the Kottenforst

And coming upon a clearing full of pale pink lady’s smock was marvellous!

Back home, I potted up pink geraniums and other complementary plants (sapphire blue and multi-coloured violas) into planters. I hope they flourish this year, and I can already see in my mind’s eye cascades of pink and jewel-like blue with touches of yellow and purple here and there. There is nothing I like better than to be outdoors among trees and plants, and after potting up the summer flowers, I happily spent the rest of the time pottering about the garden – checking the progress of the other spring ephemerals – the tall Fritillaria imperialis (said to deter moles — we shall see!), lilies of the valley, and bluebells; gathering tulips for the table, and photographing a few of these spring garden stars.

It will take another two months for the summer bloomers to get into their stride. My first thought was not to plant for summer, as we are planning to move soon. But why ever not? Yesterday’s few hours were what I had for certain, and it was the right time for potting those plants up. To each day, its own blessings. For splendidly good days such as yesterday, I am deeply grateful.

One thought on “Year of Grace, Day 144. What’s in a good day?

  1. I am catching-up on all the entries I have missed now. I think I missed them because I was preoccupied with my own issues. You summed-up what a good day is very well, for me, anyway. It’s a day when the nice things, however small, outshine the not so nice things. 🙂


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