Year of Grace, Day 154. Two gardens in Bonn

I’ve been having the privilege of viewing some spectacular private gardens recently. It’s the perfect season to enjoy them, as they are mostly planted with the stars of spring at the peak of their beauty – rhododendrons, azaleas, Japanese maples. Although my own taste for my garden leans towards the English cottagey style with their eclectic mix of ornamentals and edibles, all higgledy-piggledy, I was captivated by these.

And as usual, more than the planting and the design in themselves, I always wonder about the person or persons behind them. I wish I could meet her or him or them and sit down over a nice cup of something (or a wine glass) and chat about favourite plants and how to care for them and just ramble on — each comment leading on to the next, whether apropos or not. I cannot imagine a lovelier way to while away a sunny spring morning or afternoon 🙂

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