Year of Grace, Day 180. Little gems

While reminiscing about my pond the other day, I mentioned a treasure – wasp’s nests. Wasp’s nests? Leamington wasp's nest_9953I know, I do have very odd notions about what to value and what not. These perfect creations out of layers of different coloured mud or clay count among my store of gems.Leamington wasp's nest_9952

I remembered having photographed them, but didn’t recall where I’d filed the photos. And I came upon them yesterday! Here they are – so delicately and perfectly made.

Made without a potter’s wheel — nonetheless they are perfectly round, perfectly centred. Each fragile layer laid on to the precise thinness as the previous one, obviously done without the need, like humankind, for calipers. And the hexagonal cubicles within – oh! Everything just so. Simply and utterly divine. I gaze on these tiny gems, and I cannot help but marvel.

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