Year of Grace, Day 215. Tapa y Beguda, 2.5 Euros

Yesterday was the final day of Ametlla de Mar’s 10-day long gastronomic festival and a national holiday commemorating Columbus’s landing in the Americas. It was as well my mother’s birthday; she would have been 103 today.

A special offering at bars throughout the festival was a serving of tapa and a beverage (beguda) for 2.5 Euros. We hadn’t been paying sufficient attention to the posters announcing these specials — well, actually I had, but without realizing that these prices were time-limited. And so on the very last day we set out to do a modest sampling to celebrate the above occasions. The tapas were excellent and nicely presented. I had a well-chilled cava and M had a tinto (red wine) for our first tapa.

Flaked bacalao

Flaked bacalao — the black seeds are Nigella sativa (not sesame).

Flaked merluza with blue potatoes and caramelized onions

Flaked merluza on crisp-fried blue potatoes, a slice of baguette, and caramelized onions

The early evening sky over Ametlla de Mar’s port was gorgeous. And the palm trees framed the view from the bar ever so nicely. Ahh… I could very easily get used to this place 🙂

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