Year of Grace Day 219. Amid olive groves to El Perello

We took a country road yesterday from L’Ametlla de Mar towards El Perello – definitely an inspired choice. The road took us right in the midst of farms (fincas) and casas de campo (country houses), through groves of olives, carobs, almonds. I find it soothing to regard the stark colours of bare earth and stone — the gold and amber ones that make up the dry walls and terraces that give the orchards a precise and geometric formality against the amorphous informality of leaves — the silvery ones of olive and the lacquered green of carob.

The landscape was level at first but as the road began to curve, it became more interesting and varied as it rose and then dipped into deep gullies (barrancs) and gorges, which most likely fill up with rushing water in the winter. There were stands of pine forests, their intense green boughs of needles a good foil for the silvery grey of olive leaves and their gnarled twisted trunks.

The olives are ripening, and pressing of the season’s oil will be taking place soon, perhaps in about a month or so.

From afar, there didn’t seem to be much by way of flowers but closer to the ground, I came upon tiny flowers  – unidentified as yet. There was also a mauve flower that looked like field scabious but I shall have to go back and photograph it again, as it turned out fuzzy.

To our great surprise, the road took us past the entrance of a pottery called Terra Cuit, whose huge clay pots and other products are on prominent display by the national road N340. These pots are fantastically enormous and I can well imagine they would easily accommodate a couple of people within. They would make lovely rain collectors. M had been wondering for the past weeks how to access the place, and just like that, yesterday we found it. Brilliant!

I couldn’t resist punching up the colours a bit — have a good week ahead everybody!!

2 thoughts on “Year of Grace Day 219. Amid olive groves to El Perello

  1. They should have new green olives which are cracked and lightly marinated in the market. I forget what the timing was for these, but I used to buy them a lot as you can only get these in olive producing countries. They are a bit bitter. I would eat them in a rather peculiar way by drizzling them with soy sauce and eating them with rice like Tsukemono. They are often served with beer here.


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