Year of Grace Day 225. Early winter in Palo Alto

I am back in California after an absence of almost two decades. The glowing colours of the Liquidambar’s leaves in their maple-like winter garb and the stalwart blooms of daylily and sage are an inspiring sight after sadness and grieving over my brother’s passing. I intend to plant a Liquidambar or two in my garden in Catalunya; my brother was very fond of this tree.

Maple-like leaves of Liquidambar

Maple-like leaves of Liquidambar

Other plants in bloom still despite the chilling winds, not unlike those of the Mistral and Levante that blow through the little town of L’Ametlla de Mar where I live, are daylilies and a sage with waving purple spikes.

There are lots of plants that I see doing well here in people’s front gardens — drought-tolerant and surviving only on the rains that come in autumn and winter. Definitely inspired to start planting in my Catalunya garden!

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