Year of Grace, Day 228. Promising an early Catalonian spring

I am told by L’Ametlla de Mar residents that it’s an unusually mild winter, even at 5°C. Notwithstanding my own misgivings, the almond trees seem to agree. As early as the first of January, there have been blossoms on the trees closest to the sea and its weather-tempering influence. Last year, it was only in late February and early March that the almond blossoms began to bloom. But here they are this year, stalwartly blooming in the middle of an olive grove, despite the chilling winds of the Mistral and Levante, promising an early spring.

Almond blossom cut

I only hope late frosts don’t undo any fertilization some early, diligent bees have managed, or there won’t be any nuts to look forward to, come late summer.

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