Year of Grace Day 169. Things to be grateful for

For some odd reason, while lost in the rabbit hole of gardening and garden design sites this morning (thank you Fine Gardening!), I came upon a Kabbala site that suggested 5 things for a meaningful life, and top of the list was — you guessed it — to name 5 things to be grateful for today. I have been posting for the past 168 days things to be grateful for, but as a further reinforcer, here are my five plus one extra for today.

1. In the same way that no two days are ever alike, so too are the sunsets that grace the sky that I see from the house. Here are two sunsets photographed on two consecutive days, just a few days ago. In the past three years, I have not seen a split cloud as on the first picture. The second day’s clouds were like a flock of sheep.

Although these may not compare with the splendour of a tropical or Mediterranean sunset over the sea, there is enough diversity of cloud shapes and colours from my vantage point that I never tire of gazing out to see what unique combinations have been created for the day.

2. The roses and peonies, lavender, lad’s love, rosemary, Philadelphus are all creating such an outpouring of beauty and scent in the front garden – it is glorious! Previous years have not seen such glory, and I am overwhelmed.

3. I thought the black bamboo had died, as one day all its leaves had drooped and curled. I was devastated, as it is my favourite of the two I’ve got. Despite copious watering, its leaves continued to fall. The other day I was surprised to see on the bare twigs, slivers of fresh green, and at ground level, some fat shoots! I’m so relieved and glad it’s alive and doing well!

4. Fine Gardening is an American magazine that I came upon by accident decades ago when it was just first published, and it taught me most of what I know about gardening. In our multiple moves, I’d stopped subscribing years ago. Recently I came upon their website and I have been avidly reading — nay guzzling! — all of their posts.

5. Two sons coming to visit – I am speechless with joy and delight!

6. The sweetpeas are in bloom — and they are for favourite and only daughter, as she adores them!

Sweet peas

Sweet peas