Year of Grace, Day 221. An encounter with camagrocs

Camagrocs (Cantharellus lutescens), known in English as ‘yellow foot,’ are edible fungi that grow in pine forests. I’ve been seeing these small mushrooms with grey funnel-shaped caps and yellowish-orange stalks at my second favourite stall in the Ametlla market. I’ve never seen them featured as desirable for eating in any of my fungi books, perhaps because of their size. One would need to gather a whole lot to make a meal of them. They’re not too big but their colours were so tempting, I just had to try them.

Yellow chanterelles, Cantharellus lutescens

Yellow foot, Cantharellus lutescens

Although fungi are quite pricey (from 15 – 22 Euros a kilo) even though they’re now in season, camagrocs weigh so little that a handful cost no more than 2 Euros. These colourful chanterelles made just the right addition to scrambled eggs. I sautéed them lightly in olive oil and just a tad of butter with chopped parsley and garlic. Their colours remained true even after cooking, and their stalks were crunchy-crisp. With their subtle champignon-like aroma, I shall be trying them again. I’m so pleased to discover and taste yet another edible mushroom.

They are also known as rossinyolic; a rossinyol being a nightingale. Rather apt for this blog, don’t you think?

I couldn’t resist sketching them as well.

Ametlla, camagrocs sketch1_1860