Year of Grace, Day 82. Shards from the past

Some years ago, I was in southern Honshu, Yamaguchi Prefecture to be exact, to spend some time with No. 2 son, who was then working there. He took me on a walk through a lovely park — Manyou no Mori — where prehistoric lotuses, sown from seeds uncovered during an archaeological dig, were blooming. As we exited the park, I came upon some shards of blue-and-white pottery peeking among the shrubbery. The glazes and brushwork were unlike any modern mass-manufactured ones. I wish I could’ve taken some to Bonn with me.

I share photos of those lovely shards with you and I thank the unsung potters who created these delightful wares with such exquisite brushwork. Despite years, possibly decades, of being buried, the glazes on them are as brilliant as if they had been recently applied.

For the simple joy of coming upon such unexpected treasures on a walk, and for a son who knew that I would appreciate a walk through such a garden and the extraordinary plants therein on a lovely summer’s day, I am overwhelmingly grateful.