Year of Grace Day 165. A moated castle

There are three moated Burgs or castles near Bonn – Burg Adendorf, Burg Gudenau, and Burg Odenhausen. All are located in Wachtberg, a few kilometers away. The other day we passed by the last two: Burg Gudenau was closed, but Burg Odenhausen was open. Odenhausen is more of a manorhouse than a castle actually. And the owners seem  enamoured of things English – a red telephone box stood  next to a large tree just by the parking lot.  Any moment now, perhaps Doctor Who might come barging out ☺.

There was a duckhouse, or rather moated duck castle, whose Oriental architecture went very nicely with the castle’s oriel window.

The woodland garden was quite inviting too.

It is amazing what jewels lie hidden so close to home.