Year of Grace, Day 142. Grace from friends

So much happens all at once in spring. My attention keeps getting grabbed by the excitement of this flower or that blossom coming up. Or certain garden chores that need immediate action, such as yesterday when the patch of weeds threatening to engulf the Argentinian verbenas and blooming Honesty  just had to be stopped in their tracks. It was an enjoyable task to do, especially in the warmth of the sun, and so satisfying at the end of the day to look back at the result, and to have done all that I had set out to do.

But… in the meantime things that have nothing at all to do with plants or blossoms or the garden tend to get sidelined. In particular I am referring to showing proper appreciation for certain everyday and simple things — such as some dyed eggs that a friend brought me over Easter, and they have been gladdening my eyes every time I glance at them with their quiet and subtle grace.

Today I wish to share them with you. They are the lovely handiwork of a former neighbour, who also happens to be a terrific garden designer. One who has such a firm grasp of colour and control – it was she who for years had a strictly blue and white garden, and only in recent years has she added a few accents of yellow.

Every year for Easter she dyes eggs — using onion skins, she gets a range of warm browns, from the palest to almost chocolate. The patterns on the eggs are from a variety of leaves she lays on before dyeing, or occasionally after dyeing, using sgraffito. Each year the patterns that she chooses to use are different, and the proceeds from the sales go to one of her favourite charities.

Here they are. I hope you too find in them the same satisfying and subdued beauty that I do.