Year of Grace, Day 146. Two fritillaries

These two seemingly unrelated beauties actually belong to the same family of Fritillaria.

This one, Fritillaria meleagris, is a survivor. It’s the only one  that escaped predation when its other companions got their heads snapped off the other week. I never tire of gazing at its structure and pattern. There is also a cream-coloured one, but that one got eaten by snails, alas.

NACHTIGAL survivor fritillary xlnt!_7447

And this one, so many times larger and grander, is the appropriately named Fritillaria imperialis. It’s the first time for me to grow it, and it’s being promoted as a mole deterrent — due no doubt to the foxy scent of its flowers. Its efficacy has yet to be proved though. I haven’t planted it in the ground, as I also have voles wandering under my garden, and they might think it is just the very thing for an exotic meal. Voles are vegetarians, btw.

Fritillaria imperialis

Fritillaria imperialis

To have these two beauties blooming at the same time in my garden is truly wonderful, and I feel blessed. Thank you, Creator of the Universe!