Year of Grace, Day 46. Once upon a dish

Every summer in June, a potters’ fair is held on Bonn’s Münsterplatz, and potters from all over come for a weekend to display their craft. The mugs I use everyday were bought here. The first year I got 2 with a mottled blue glaze and 2 with a butterscotch-like glaze. The year after I got 2 more from the same potter, this time with a turquoise glaze over a grey-beige body. These mugs were not really to my liking at first — as you may have cottoned on to by now, blue is my preference. The interesting thing about these subtle mugs that I hadn’t loved at first sight is that in time, they became my absolute favourites. I have fully and deeply fallen in love with their quiet, subdued, shibui character.

Another item from the fair is a small, flat dish from a Korean lady potter. I had a bit of fun with it and some things lying around the kitchen recently. Simple things from everyday life – for the joy and pleasure that they bring, I am truly grateful.