Year of Grace, Day 198. Blessings

Blessings come into our lives in the most unexpected ways.

I’ve been putting together a multidisciplinary team for a community development project, and needed a local connection. On an inspired moment, rather desperate as communications had not gone through with initial potential partners, and the deadline for submission of project applications was imminent, I thought of a friend whose professional expertise was along the same lines, and sent her an SOS. She immediately replied that the project suited her to a T. And from her enclosed CV, it was apparent that her breadth of expertise did indeed cover everything the project needed. So much more than I could have hoped for! What a fortuitous turn of events, and one that would not have happened had I not reached out to her.

The one thing that stands out from this recent blessing to grace my life is that this friendship has held true from secondary school. And despite decades of not seeing each other, with our recent communications via the occasional email and Facebook, our personal connection has held and has led to what promises to be a fruitful professional collaboration. Bless you, dearest P, and many, many, many thanks indeed! Here’s a cuckoo lily (hototogisu)  in bloom now in the garden for you!

Nachtigal Tricyrtis zoom_1324