Year of Grace, Day 182. Half a year’s grace

Between today and tomorrow, I shall have posted half a year’s worth of gratefulness, praise, and wonder for the little things that give grace to my life. That I have done so is a marvel in itself. I had not imagined I could find things to write about for more than a few weeks, let alone months.

For years, I have been photographing things in my daily life as an aide-memoire and graphic journal, but it was not until I had set up this framework of a year of grace that inspired me to set them and my thoughts and memories into writing on a regular basis. Thank you to my high school friend A whose encouraging words set me on this path.

Today, I am grateful that the Japanese-style meal I’d planned for breakfast came out rather well. Grilled salted salmon, miso shiru (miso soup), umeboshi (pickled Japanese plums), and even some natto furikake (fermented bean and nori sprinkles for rice). Rice was short-grain pudding rice (Milchreis), the closest thing to Japanese rice, which is also what we use for sushi btw. There was even some tsukemono (pickled vegetables), in this instance wine-pickled sauerkraut. The authentic Japanese stuff were courtesy of No. 2 son, who was here for a visit just over a month ago. This morning’s occasion? No. 1 son is visiting us, and the breakfast was a throwback to his childhood years spent in Japan.

Another small thing I am grateful for is that the bamboo plants have flourished so much since I planted them three years ago, that I was able to cut a young culm and fashion it into chopstick rests. ☺

It’s still summer, or so I would like to think, but temperatures over the past few days are already ushering in autumn. Nevertheless, the sun is out today and was yesterday as well, and for this I am equally grateful. It makes such a difference to my spirits when it is sunny.

But of all the things I am grateful for today, is for this visit from No. 1 son. It is such overwhelmingly pure joy to have a grown child visit. All praise and deep gratitude for this super special treat.