Year of Grace, Day 196. First fungus foray

Whenever we go for a walk in the nearby woods of Kottenforst, I am ever on the lookout for fungi.  And when I do find one, I am compelled to photograph it. From different angles.  Usually while kneeling so close to the ground to focus on one, I find others nearby. And I have to take photos of those as well. M, who is not a fungus fancier, walks on ahead. And often he finds himself a convenient log or rock to perch on, as I can get very engrossed in fungi, especially at this time of year. It’s been perfect weather for fungi — days of gentle rain, temperatures gradually cooling down, and then … brilliant sunshine!

Here are last Sunday’s finds.

These were a delicate brownish pink, almost hidden among last year’s prickly chestnut husks.

This one was a gorgeous malachite colour.I don’t know if this is related to the one above, as its green is more celadon. What I love about this is that the gills look like the edges of old velum manuscripts.

These round caps are almost indistinguishable from the leaves around them.

This looked to me like a Boletus, but am not  sure.

And this is what its underside looked like. Curiously like a sponge!

And no, I don’t think any of these are edible. But it was fun to have these fungi brightening up the ground.