Year of Grace, Day 112. Feasting on the sea

My love for seafood is being reinforced daily, as I sample the freshest of the sea’s delights (or umi no sachi, as the Japanese call it, literally, ‘joys of the sea’) with M. Here are some razor clams, navajas, a la plancha — so sweet. They needed no other  condiment than their absolute freshness!

These went beautifully with the first of the season’s artichokes, roasted in olive oil. We had not tried this way of cooking artichokes before, which made the heart of course, but the choke, which we normally remove, likewise tender and edible. We shall be trying this way of slow-roasting artichokes.

For the barman at the Platjador who had recommended the Pescadito restaurant (‘muy bueno y economica,’ were his words), our charming waitress, and the welcoming atmosphere at the Pescadito, I am truly and deeply grateful. Oh, and the sopa de pescado was also splendidly divine; I love the Catalan way of making fish soups with ground up almonds.