Year of Grace, Day 172. Three pallets and two mats

I’ve been wanting to upcycle some pallets that used to serve as my “potting bench.” No. 2 son was here on a business trip for a couple of weeks (and spent the weekends with us, sheer heaven!), and with his DIY skills, this is what mother and son accomplished in a couple of hours last weekend. Voila! A garden bench that looks like the ones they use in Japan for serving tea outdoors.




What else did we use? 2 shelf boards and some spare wood, screws (better than nails, according to No. 2 son, so that the pallet wood doesn’t splinter), duct tape, and tough black plastic bags. Our tools? A drill and a saw.

The plastic bags were wrapped around the boards to rain-proof them, before being screwed into place. The screw heads were covered with strips of duct tape for additional rain-proofing. And last, a bamboo mat covered the seat, and a length of reed matting surrounded the bottom part of the bench. The reed matting was cut from a huge roll I had used to protect the bamboos during their first winter. The reed matting would’ve been too brittle to sit on. The bamboo mat had once served to protect the carpet under M’s office chair, and although its lining has worn off, it now has a better quality of life outdoors!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention zipties in the materials list. They were used to lash the three pallets together. It’s my first time to use them. They are absolutely fab!

What I loved about this bench is being able to spend a gorgeous afternoon with my son!  Quality time thinking about and then creating something together out of odds and ends. The sole purchase were the zipties. And to top it all, the end result was beautiful as well as useful! We ended up both very pleased with ourselves.