The forbidden pleasure of Quarkbällchen

Recently I found myself succumbing to temptation, gustatory that is. There are certain pastries that I have such a weakness for, and one of them is vanilla cream-filled Quarkbällchen, of which I scoffed three pieces on Mardi Gras. Naughty me, but rather apropos for the day, don’t you think?  Some foods are simply irresistible. Quarkbällchen are like the  “holes” cut out of ring doughnuts.  However they resemble them only externally for they are made with Quark or sour cream and eggs, which give their insides a richer, more delectable texture and golden colour than the yeast dough used for standard doughnuts. They are a no-no for me for two reasons:  wheat flour and cream.  I am trying to eliminate wheat and other gluten-containing items  and cream, for lactose-intolerant me, requires that I take a lactase tablet. I probably caved in because it was mid-afternoon, when my blood sugar level is low.  I justified my downfall by the fact that these were my first and only taste of these since last year.

The only place in Bonn I’ve ever seen these heavenly balls filled with vanilla custard is at the bakery at Rewe Supermarket in Weberstrasse, and they’re only available during Carnival.  I wonder if they’re available elsewhere in Bonn? Perhaps I’d rather not know. My other excuse is that it was my first day to be well since getting the flu. In future, I shall try and stick to the permitted pleasure foods of the Perfect Health Diet (70% and above chocolate!).